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    East of Napa, Left of Center: Matchbook Wine Company is a winery with 1600 acres of estate vineyards tucked away in Northern California's gently rolling Dunnigan Hills. Family owned and operated by the Giguiere family, Matchbook produces a unique family of wines that showcase the flavor and potential of the Dunnigan Hills. The Matchbook flame is an homage to the Giguiere brothers’ youthful fascination with fire. The Giguiere family pioneered grape growing in this region in 1981 when they planted their first vineyard. By 1993, the Giguieres had succeeded in making the Dunnigan Hills a nationally recognized American Viticultural Area. Over 35 years ago, the Giguieres started as a small family owned winery and vineyard and grew it into a 750,000 case winery producing noted brands like RH Philips and Toasted Head. In 2004, the Giguieres retired from RH Philips to start Matchbook Wine Company. For more information, please visit www.matchbookwines.com.

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    Marcus Le Fanu

    Marcus Le Fanu 8/26/2018

    This company has been on the top to make the finest quality vine which seems to be the best choice at special moments. We are surely never able to forget the taste while having it served for the first time.

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    Davison Daisy 7/20/2018

    At that point there's Matchbook. This name is about the varietals that do the best in the warm atmosphere of Dunnigan Hills: Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvigon, Syrah, and most amazingly Tempranillo.


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    Matchbook Wine Company

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